After suspending all operations to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Seven Stars in Kyushu resumed services from August 15.
For the immediate future, the below measures will be implemented so we can offer journeys where our guests can be given peace of mind.

Outline of measures

  • Guest numbers will be limited to a maximum of 16 (8 couples), and measures for social distancing will be implemented.
  • Measures will be taken to monitor the health of guests with thermometers. Please note that guests may be asked to refrain from boarding if they have a fever.
  • Further improvements will be implemented in the cleaning and sterilization methods of the public spaces and guest rooms.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer units will be increased.
  • Staff are to wear masks, monitor their health, and take measures to ensure hygiene standards are met.

We will implement appropriate measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and continue to place priority on safety first.

Our Unique Windows Offer Views of
the Endless Expanse of Kyushu’s Alluring Landscapes
We guarantee you exceptional views from this sophisticated, deluxe train,
which operates on a 3,000-km-long railroad that connects Kyushu’s seven prefectures.
The island’s diverse nature, histories, and cultures that vary according to each region,
as well as the smiling faces of the locals living along the routes,
are only some of the highlights that you can see from the train.
Framed in our panoramic windows, these once-in-a-lifetime sights will always have a special place in your heart.
Enjoy the endless expanse of Kyushu’s landscapes to your heart’s content.

Journey details

A journey to experience the blessings of the earth and traditional culture, and to encounter the charm of Kyushu that will lead to the future
This is a journey around the northern part of Kyushu, where you can experience the blessings of the rich land and culture of Kyushu. Yufuin and Unzen, which have long been loved as health resorts, the Taisho-ji family temple of the Hosokawa clan tucked away in Kumamoto City, vegetables grown carefully from seeds on the rich land of the Shimabara Peninsula, the Wakaran culture of Nagasaki as it has flourished as a gateway to foreign countries, and the World Agricultural Heritage passed down in the Kunisaki area of Oita Prefecture.
Please experience the Kyushu region that we want to convey to the future.
*The itinerary may be changed.

After leaving Hakata Station, you will get a feeling of the peaceful rural scenery from the train windows as you head to Yufuin, your first stop.
You will be able to feel your heart relax in the somewhat nostalgic atmosphere, surrounded by nature and the atmospheric townscapes.

  • Yufuin town walkYufuin town walkMORE

The second day starts from Aso Station. On an outdoor excursion, it is possible to experience the Hosokawa-ryu Bonseki, a part of the Hosokawa culture. Customers who choose to stay onboard the train will go to Kumamoto on the Seven Stars via the Tateno switchback. For lunch, please enjoy a special lunch at the Taisho-ji Temple, the family temple of the Hosokawa clan, the lords of the Kumamoto Domain. After that, you will cross the Ariake Sea by ferry and go to Unzen Shimabara.

  • Taisho-ji TempleTaisho-ji TempleMORE
  • Hosokawa-ryu BonsekiHosokawa-ryu BonsekiMORE
  • Ryotei HanzuiryoRyotei HanzuiryoMORE
  • Winter stargazingWinter stargazingMORE

Western Kyushu, blessed with the energy of the earth and a rich food culture The second half of the trip is to Western Kyushu. For the lunch eaten on the Shimabara Peninsula, you will visit a restaurant that expresses local stories in its cuisine. The dinner onboard the "Seven Stars" features Shippoku cuisine, which represents the Wakaran culture of Nagasaki, and hospitality from the Kenban geisha. You can experience the food, nature, history and culture unique to western Kyushu.

  • Unzen vegetables from seed harvestingUnzen vegetables from seed harvestingMORE
  • Shimabara RailwayShimabara RailwayMORE
  • Shirakumo LakeShirakumo LakeMORE
  • UnzenUnzenMORE

On the fourth day, we will slowly go down the Nippo Main Line from Kokura. On the Kunisaki Peninsula, you will experience the rich circulation-type agriculture made possible by the sawtooth oak trees. In the last part of the journey, you will return to views of Mt. Yufu on the Kyudai Main Line. You will recall your memories of the four-day journey as the scenes flow past the train windows on your way to Hakata Station, which is the last station of your trip and a new starting point for your life.

3泊4日 1日目マップ
3泊4日 2日目マップ
3泊4日 3日目マップ
3泊4日 4日目マップ
Trip schedule / travel route
Timetable / route
3-Night 4-Day Journey to
Savor Kyushu’s Bountiful Cuisine
Our skilled chefs from all over Kyushu spend time and effort themselves to cook the seasonal ingredients,
which have been grown with love by carefully selected farmers.
Enjoy the luxurious cuisine, which includes Japanese, French, local and Italian cuisine.

Day 1

Ishidobashi Shiratsugu
The rich seasonal taste of ingredients carefully selected from the fresh foods of Hakata, the coloring of the changing seasons, and the beauty of the meticulous cuisine. Staff will serve you wholeheartedly so that you can enjoy the deliciousness with your five senses. (Lunch)
Ishidobashi Shiratsugu
La Verveine
La Verveine is a French restaurant located in Yufuin, Oita Prefecture. It uses local ingredients for dishes that will make your mind and body healthy and enable you to eat with peace of mind. The cuisine will be served with the hope that you will eat the delicious food and be revitalized. (Dinner)
La Verveine

Day 2

olmo coppia
This is an organic restaurant in a renovated 160 year old storage house near Aso Station. It is well known for its dishes that are warm and good for both body and soul. On the Seven Stars, the restaurant "Kasei" at Aso Station will serve safe and heartwarming homemade dishes using organic ingredients, with a focus on homegrown vegetables and organic vegetables grown in open fields that are delivered from Minami-Aso. (Breakfast)
olmo coppia
Ai Hosokawa
Born in Okayama Prefecture. Developed her culinary skills and sensibilities in Italy. She moved to Kumamoto and offers simple yet flavorful dishes that bring out the flavor of the local ingredients with oil and salt, which you can enjoy at the site of the Taisho-ji Temple, where the history of the Hosokawa clan is still alive. (Lunch)
Ai Hosokawa

Day 3

The "Satohama Gastronomy" can only be enjoyed on the Shimabara Peninsula, where the chef was born and raised.
Through the food, you can feel the stories created by the nature of Shimabara, which are stories that can only be told by Chef Inoue, who knows the place well. (Lunch)
Vill a del nido
Ingredients from the rich land of Unzen have been made by producers who have nurtured them with care and sincerity. Chef Yoshida expresses the feelings of those producers with his dishes.
You can enjoy the delicate and gentle tastes that reveal the chef's personality. (Lunch)
Vill a del nido
Unzen Fukudaya "Kofuku"
The aroma of flowers, soil and vegetables that floats in the fields of Mr. Masatoshi Iwasaki, a seed harvesting farmer. The original taste of vegetables that are overflowing with vitality is brought to a higher level by the cooking of Executive Chef Kusano. (Lunch)
Unzen Fukudaya Kofuku
Shiseki Ryotei Kagetsu
The history of Kagetsu begins in 1642. Shippoku Cuisine is a traditional cuisine of Nagasaki, which has a unique Wakaran culture because even during the period of national isolation, Nagasaki remained connected to parts of the world including Portugal, the Netherlands and China. You can enjoy a meal that combines the tradition of Kagetsu with the Seven Stars. (Dinner)
Shiseki Ryotei Kagetsu

Day 4

Seven Stars Head Chef
The head chef on the Seven Stars makes use of ingredients that have been grown in the bountiful nature of Kyushu and locally processed foods that are filled with the wishes of the producers.
Please enjoy the delicious breakfast prepared for travelers by the head chef, who has spent many years with guests on the Seven Stars. (Breakfast)
Seven Stars Head Chef
This famous establishment has been in business for 30 years, and started with hopes to spread “Kyoto-style” bento hospitality in the Oita area. From the grains of rice to the vegetables used in the bento box, much effort has been made in using local Oita ingredients. Guests are sure to enjoy a specially prepared Seven Stars boxed bento.