Trip on the Seven Stars in Kyushu
Luxury Sleeper Train


The Emblem Contrasts Gracefully with
the Royal Wine Red Exterior.
The 7-car Passenger Train Reflects the Elegance of the Journey
The gold Seven Stars emblem stands out against the royal wine red of the train cars. The glaze and depth of the tone, which is also described as the color of ancient lacquer, represents the elegance of the journey and is a magnificent sight to behold. The panoramic windows of the first and seventh cars are also a signature feature of this exclusive train, which is embellished in gold with the names of each prefecture on the island of Kyushu and speeds along the tracks with unparalleled radiance.

Car Diagrams

Note: Depending on the direction in which the train is moving, the engine car may block the view on certain legs of the journey.

Lounge car “Blue Moon”

The Lounge Car “Blue Moon” is a saloon on wheels, where you can wind down during the day. At night, sip drinks at the bar and mingle with fellow passengers in the modern Japanese atmosphere as the pleasant sound of the live piano performance tinkles in the background. Enjoy the starry sky that peers in from the panoramic windows with a glass of bliss in your hand and relax on the sofas to take in the stunning views that pass by. This space provides the perfect setting for social gatherings as well as solo time.
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  • ラウンジカー写真1

Salon car “Jupiter”

The salon car Jupiter is a place for passengers to meet and talk, and can also be used as a place for onboard activities.
Complimentary drinks area also available.
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  • サロンカー写真5

Tea room

The tea room is in the ryurei style, which has chairs rather than kneeling on the floor, and is decorated with tatami mats like a teahouse.
Passengers can enjoy the tea made by the crew in a space that has the scent of traditional Japanese culture.
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  • 茶室写真1
  • 茶室写真2


A bar that can be enjoyed as a hideaway in the limited space of the train.
Passengers can enjoy a moment in the bar, becoming slightly intoxicated as they celebrate new encounters in the outer space atmosphere of the train and raise a toast to a life with travel.
(There is an extra charge.)
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  • bar写真1
  • bar写真2
  • bar写真2

Guest Room

A Luxurious, Relaxing Space Under the Sun and Starry Skies
All 10 guest compartments on the Seven Stars in Kyushu are suites, exclusively furnished for just 10 pairs of guests. The fusions of Japanese and Western, new and old concepts permeate the interior throughout, and each of the fine wood and textile pieces that fill the decor has been specially selected. This meticulous attention to every detail creates an exquisitely classy space for a truly relaxing time on board the Seven Stars.


  • スイート写真1
  • スイート写真2

Special Suites that Combine
Beauty and Function
Four cars are separated into 3 Suite Rooms each, where guests will experience quality rest and the finest hospitality. Each room is equipped with a shower, toilet, and air conditioning. Special functions unique to this train will provide you with satisfying sleep.
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DX Suites A

  • DXスイートA写真1
  • DXスイートA写真2

DX Suites B

  • DXスイートB写真1
  • DXスイートB写真2
  • DXスイートB写真3
Premier Comforts
that Befit a Special You
Only 2 exclusive Deluxe Suites are available on this train. Furnished according to different designs, they share the same keyword: comfort. Various pieces of Japanese-style furniture are placed throughout the spacious and elegant space. The room at the end of the last car boasts a wall-to-wall window, through which you can enjoy the passing landscape.
  • ●DX Suite A
    This suite at the end of the last car allows you to enjoy the scenery from the wall-to-wall window.
  • ●DX Suite B
    You can relax peacefully in this large space with calm colors and a high sense of privacy.
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The Artisans Who Support the Seven Stars

Kyushu’s enduring traditional craftsmanship and the artisans’ dedication are embodied in this one-of-a-kind train.

  • 木下木芸
    Kinoshita Mokugei (Wood Creators Group),Fukuoka Prefecture
    Kumiko is a traditional Japanese craft in which small, thin pieces of wood are each fitted together by hand to create elaborate woodwork without a single nail. Masato Kinoshita, the craftsperson who undertook the decoration the interior of the Seven Stars in Kyushu, continues to develop his skills out of his eagerness to take on new challenges, based on his motto of “study a lifetime.” Here, we introduce the passionate craftsmanship of Team Ōkawa, which was formed with various artisans of Ōkawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
  • 柿右衛門窯
    Kakiemon Kiln,Saga Prefecture
    Continuing its legacy of 370 years, Kakiemon Kiln has come to represent Aritayaki (Arita ware) from Saga Prefecture. We interviewed the 15th Kakiemon Sakaida, who succeeded his predecessor in 2015 to carry on the tradition while striving to create his own work that goes with the times. Listen to his narrative on the kiln’s history and his vision for its future.
  • 清六窯
    Seiroku Kiln,Saga Prefecture
    These 2 earnest potters have inherited creative and genetic DNA from the late master potter Seiroku Nakamura, who was referred to as the God of the Potter’s Wheel. What did Seiroku, who was their father and grandfather, respectively, wish to pass on through the wheel? This is the heartwarming story of a family of 3 generations, centered around the tradition of Seiroku Kiln that lives on in the present time.