After suspending all operations to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Seven Stars in Kyushu resumed services from August 15.
For the immediate future, the below measures will be implemented so we can offer journeys where our guests can be given peace of mind.

Outline of measures

  • Guest numbers will be limited to a maximum of 16 (8 couples), and measures for social distancing will be implemented.
  • Measures will be taken to monitor the health of guests with thermometers. Please note that guests may be asked to refrain from boarding if they have a fever.
  • Further improvements will be implemented in the cleaning and sterilization methods of the public spaces and guest rooms.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer units will be increased.
  • Staff are to wear masks, monitor their health, and take measures to ensure hygiene standards are met.

We will implement appropriate measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and continue to place priority on safety first.

Our Unique Windows Offer Views of
the Endless Expanse of Kyushu’s Alluring Landscapes
We guarantee you exceptional views from this sophisticated, deluxe train,
which operates on a 3,000-km-long railroad that connects Kyushu’s seven prefectures.
The island’s diverse nature, histories, and cultures that vary according to each region,
as well as the smiling faces of the locals living along the routes,
are only some of the highlights that you can see from the train.
Framed in our panoramic windows, these once-in-a-lifetime sights will always have a special place in your heart.
Enjoy the endless expanse of Kyushu’s landscapes to your heart’s content.

Journey details

Kyushu tour
A journey to enjoy the elegant Seven Stars while viewing the changing nature of Kyushu from the train windows
This is a one-night/two-day journey where you can experience the richness of spending time on the Seven Stars train. A journey where you can feel the flow of time in the changing scenery through the train windows.
Passengers can enjoy activities on the train and spend time talking with fellow passengers in the salon. The dinner eaten while watching the sun set into the East China Sea from the Hisatsu Orange Railway will be a memorable scene. Communicating with local people in small coastal towns in the west and east of Kyushu will surely warm your heart.
*The itinerary may be changed.

This is the first time for the one-night/two-day journey to visit the southern Kyushu area. In the train journey from Hakata to Kagoshima, a relaxing time will be spent viewing the scenery of the glittering azure-colored sea from the train windows and there are other things to enjoy prepared on the train.
Please experience a day filled with the history of Kyushu and the Seven Stars through the stories of Okawa Kumiko craftsmen, who decorated the interior of the Seven Stars, and through the experience of creating the traditional craft of "Isshochi Mage-Wappa" from the Hitoyoshi-Kuma region.

  • Okawa KumikoOkawa KumikoMORE
  • Isshochi Mage (Craft production)Isshochi Mage (Craft production)MORE
  • UshinohamaUshinohamaMORE

The last part of the Cruise Train journey is along the Kyudai Main Line, with a view of Mt. Yufu. You will build up your thoughts on the travel as scenes flow past the train windows on your way to Hakata Station, the last station of your trip.

  • Nobeoka StationNobeoka StationMORE
  • Walk around SaikiWalk around SaikiMORE
1泊2日 1日目マップ
1泊2日 2日目マップ
Trip schedule / travel route
Timetable / route
Delight in the Seasonal Treasures Cultivated on the Island of Kyushu
that Fill Your Meals Over 2 days and 1 night
Accomplished chefs who represent Kyushu skillfully prepare each treasure
that has been nurtured in Kyushu's seas, mountains, and rivers.
You will be swept into a journey of encounters with new dishes in this special atmosphere.

Day 1

Since its establishment in 1972, "Yamanaka" has been frequented by food connoisseurs from all over Japan as a famous "Hakatamae" sushi restaurant. On the Seven Stars train, a luxurious time and space is offered with seafood from the Genkai Sea and other nearby waters and sushi that is freshly made by polished chefs. (Lunch)
Table de Chic
This is a blissful French cuisine prepared by two chefs who are a married couple from Kagoshima. Based on the solid skills they have gained through experience at restaurants both in Japan and overseas, they express the appeal of ingredients from Kagoshima and Kyushu in their dishes. (Dinner)
Table de Chic

Day 2

Seven Stars Head Chef
The head chef on the Seven Stars makes use of ingredients that have been grown in the bountiful nature of Kyushu and locally processed foods that are filled with the wishes of the producers.
Please enjoy the delicious breakfast prepared for travelers by the head chef, who has spent many years with guests on the Seven Stars. (Breakfast)
Seven Stars Head Chef
Otto e Sette Oita
The chef from this Italian restaurant focuses on using ingredients from the Oita area, and local cooking methods, such as hot spring vapor steamed dishes from Kannawa, Beppu. Enjoy an Italian cuisine lunch made with local ingredients and techniques, only possible here.
Otto e Sette Oita