Can I smoke on board the train?

No, the Seven Stars in Kyushu operates a no smoking policy on board.

Are there TV sets in rooms and internet access on board the train?

There are no TV sets on the train, because we would like guests to enjoy the views from the windows, and mingle amongst passengers.
Wi-Fi is available, but please be aware that the signal can be weak in mountainous areas and others where mobile signal is limited.

Is there a phone in my room?

There is a phone that you can use to contact staff in Car 1. But, it is not possible to use it to call other rooms or outside the train.

How large is my room?

Deluxe suite A – Capacity of 3 people x 1 room, approx. 21m²
Deluxe suite B – Capacity of 3 people x 1 room, approx. 17m²
Suites – Capacity of 2 people x 12 rooms, approx. 10m²

Do I have own toilet in my room?

There is a toilet in each room. Also, common use toilets in Car 2 and 6 are available.

Are there bath tubs in guest cabins?

Please use the shower room located in each cabin. There are no bath tubs located on board the train.

Why are the corridors allocated from side to side?

It is because that you can enjoy the both side scenery as you walk through the train.

For the wheel chair access room, what kind/size of wheel chair can be used?

Suite room 301 has facilities to make it an accessible room, and can fit some wheelchairs.
The wheel chair should be under width 70cm, length 120 cm, and height 109 cm.
We also have a small wheel chair on board so that you can easily move around inside the train.

What is the concept of the carriages?

It is the most sophisticated space with abundant woods and fabrics, in the fusion style of Japanese and Western as well as Classic and Modern.
Also, there is a bar in the lounge car where you can relax on sofa and savor the scenery of huge observation widow, with live piano performance.

I want to know the size of the in-room closet on the train.

Please see below the closet dimensions to calculate which luggage may fit.
・Suite rooms (Cars 3 to 6): Width 67.7cm x Depth 56.5cm x Height 180cm
・Deluxe Suite B(Car7): Width 66.7cm x Depth 73cm x Height 180cm
・Deluxe Suite A(Car7 – 2 closets):
1) Width 77cm x Depth 58.3cm x Height 180cm
2) Width 79.7cm x Depth 58.3cm x Height 180cm

Journey information

How do I get a pamphlet?

Journey details are shown on the website. Also, the pamphlet (PDF) can be printed.

I want to ride on the Seven Stars in Kyushu. How can I make a reservation?

Please send an email to application.sevenstars@jrkyushu.co.jpwith an attachment of completed application form that you can download on our website.

Can I make a booking through travel agents?

Yes, the departure dates shown on the website are sold by Kyushu Railway Company,
but there are other departure dates sold by contracted travel agents, which are listed on this page.

What if I want to cancel my booking? How much is the cancellation fee?

20% of the fare is required if you cancel it 21 days before the departure date. Cancellation fee varies according to the claim date of cancellation.

Is it possible to change the participant after the applications?

It is possible to change the accompanying passengers after application for a fee of 10,000 yen. If one wishes to change all of the passengers of one room, then that will be treated as the cancellation. Also, it is not possible to change passengers once the train has started its journey.


When are applications open?

During the application period, applications are open from 10am JST from the day of opening until 23:59 JST on the last day of applications.

How many travelers can they apply at once?

With an application form, you can apply for a maximum of two rooms – two pair of travelers. When applying with two pair of travelers, only suite rooms are available, and names of all travelers are required.

Is it possible to have a preference for which room we will use on the train?

Once can choose between a Suite room, and a Deluxe Suite room (A or B), but you cannot choose which Suite room you want to stay in. Also, for the second night of the 4 Days Nights journey, you are not able to make a room preference except for the room types available (as in the fare table).

Is it possible to participate alone? If so, what is the fare?

Yes, it is possible to participate alone. Please see the fare table for the rates..

When participating alone, is it possible to have a preference to share a room?

No, it is not possible to share a room with other passengers. If a passenger is going to use one room, then the appropriate fare is required.

Can I make a reservation via email?

Please fill in the application form that you can find on our website. If applications exceed available rooms, a lottery will be conducted to draw participants.

Is it possible to participate with three people together? If so, what is the fare?

Yes, it is possible for three people to participate when staying in the Deluxe Suites (A or B). However, this will involve the use of a twin bed plus a simple bed (or sofa bed). Unfortunately it is not possible for three passengers to stay in the regular Suite rooms.

What is included in the fare?

The fare includes all rail, bus and other transportation costs/fares incurred during the specified itinerary, as well as onboard service costs, tour bus costs, all meal costs, all beverage costs (including alcoholic beverages, but not including select vintage wine and champagne), sightseeing costs (some exceptions), and for the 4-day 3-night journey accommodation costs, taxes and service charges at the accommodation facility designated by the company.

Do you cater to allergies and dietary restrictions?

Yes, before the journey we ask all passengers to tell us about their allergies and dietary requirements in a pre-departure questionnaire. Based on this information every effort will be made to prepare meals to fulfill these requirements as much as possible.
* Please contact us at least a month in advance so that we can make efforts to fulfill these requests or requirements.

Please tell me more about the dress code.

On the first day, please meet at Kinsei Lounge in smart casual attire, and semi-formal attire for dinner. More details are shown below.

Meet at Kinsei Lounge (day 1): smart casual
Gentlemen: jackets, collared shirts, dress slacks, blazers etc.
Ladies: one-piece dresses, collared shirts, jackets, casual suit etc.

Dinner on board : semi-formal
Gentlemen : tuxedos (dinner jacket), basic suits, blazers and jackets etc.
Ladies: one-piece dresses, basic suits, dressy pant suits, jackets, blouses, skirts etc.

Other scenes :
*Please refrain from wearing attire such as sportswear and pre-ripped jeans.
*Except when wearing kimono, please refrain from wearing sandals.
*T-shirts, shorts, and sneakers are only appropriate for during the excursions.

When can I make an application for a journey for April to September 2020?

Applications will open from 10:00 am on October 1st 2019 (Japan standard time).

On departure

Where does the journey start/end?

In general, all journeys start and end at Hakata Station.
Guests are sent information regarding the location and opening times of the Seven Stars in Kyushu guest lounge, “Kinsei”, which is located on the 3rd floor of the station.
If unneeded during the journey, guests can leave luggage here at the lounge until they return.