After suspending all operations to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Seven Stars in Kyushu resumed services from August 15.
For the immediate future, the below measures will be implemented so we can offer journeys where our guests can be given peace of mind.

Outline of measures

  • Guest numbers will be limited to a maximum of 16 (8 couples), and measures for social distancing will be implemented.
  • Measures will be taken to monitor the health of guests with thermometers. Please note that guests may be asked to refrain from boarding if they have a fever.
  • Further improvements will be implemented in the cleaning and sterilization methods of the public spaces and guest rooms.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer units will be increased.
  • Staff are to wear masks, monitor their health, and take measures to ensure hygiene standards are met.

We will implement appropriate measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and continue to place priority on safety first.

Bright Smiles Along the Railroad
Warm Welcomes by Communities Throughout Kyushu
The Cruise Train “Seven Stars in Kyushu” exudes hospitality outside the train as well.
Guests are warmly welcomed at various locations, not only where the trains stop by, but also where the local people live along the routes.
The warmth of the residents is one of Kyushu’s greatest appeals.
Don’t hesitate to wave your hands when you see bright smiles beyond the windows!

Connection to the locals

Thank You for Always Providing Warm Hospitality to Our Guests!

Your radiant smiles along the tracks will become a special memory of our guests’ trips on the Seven Stars.
Please continue to pass on your spirit of hospitality through the rail line to unite Kyushu as one.

Wave Flags at the Seven Stars!

We ask cooperation from residents along our route to welcome our guests by waving flags at the train or planting flowers along the tracks.
Demonstrate Kyushu’s hospitality so that the Seven Stars can develop along with everyone in Kyushu, starting from the railroad.
We ask for your continued cooperation.

“6th Anniversary” Costom-designed Flag

Front: 2 designs [ Nomal size and Large size (6sheets-patched) ]
  • 表面1
  • 裏面1
  • 裏面2
  • 裏面3
  • 裏面1
  • 裏面2
  • 裏面3
Back: 7 designs
  • 裏面1
  • 裏面2
  • 裏面3
  • 裏面1
  • 裏面2
  • 裏面3
  • 裏面3

“Seven Stars in Kyushu” Costom-designed Flag

Front: 4 designs
  • Front1
  • Front2
  • Front3
  • Front4
Back: 3 designs
  • Back1
  • Back2
  • Back3

“Invigorate Kyushu!” Custom-designed Flag

  • Front
  • Back

Click on Your Favorite Designs to Download Them in PDF.

These flags were designed by Eiji Mitooka, who also designed the Cruise Train “Seven Stars in Kyushu.”
Click above to download your favorite front and back designs in PDF for each side.
Two of the back designs are in black and white; use your favorite colors to create your own unique flags and wave them at the Seven Stars to welcome guests in the Kyushu way.

How to Make the Flag:

Wave Towels at the Seven Stars!

Show Kyushu’s spirit by waving our specially designed towels that depict the unity of the Seven Stars with the 7 prefectures of Kyushu!
We ask you to welcome our guests and also share your energy with them so that they can witness the enthusiasm of the entire island of Kyushu.
Unite your strength to unite Kyushu. Let us work together to relay Kyushu’s vitality!

Unite Kyushu: Seven Stars Original Towel, ¥1,500 per towel
This towel’s design is inspired by the Seven Stars that connect Kyushu by rail, and it also expresses our appreciation for the 7 prefectures of the island. Please purchase these towels at your nearest station or stores along the route to invigorate Kyushu!

Check the train schedule to determine the routes near you!

Seven Stars Operation Dates and Times

Please see here for route details & Schedule.