Connecting Stories Which Span 100 Years
We want you to experience the traditions and culture which have been painstakingly preserved over hundreds of years in the treasure chest we call Kyushu. With this desire, we have created one-of-a-kind trips which encapsulate the passion of many people and their hopes for the future as you travel around Kyushu.
We welcome the finest travelers on the best stage called the Seven Stars where we have brought together the craftmanship and heart of the artisans of Kyushu.
Kirishima Journey(4D3N)
A trip to think about 100 years of railway romance by coming into contact with the pottery and history of Kyushu
Ondayaki ware
Onda 'kara-usu' traditional clay-crushing devices
Overlooking Sakurajima
Tenku no Mori
Yatake Plateau Observatory
Bamboo ware - Mr. Hajime Nakaomi
Ebino Station
Miike pond
Tenku no Mori
"Kasei" restaurant at Aso Station
Tenku no Mori
"Imoto" Japanese restaurant
Unzen Journey(4D3N)
A trip to encounter the charms of Kyushu which will lead to the future by experiencing the blessings of the land and traditional culture
Shirakumo Lake
Unzen Guide - Mr. Yuto Ichiki
Bounty of the mountains of Unzen
Unzen vegetables from seed harvesting
Starry sky of Unzen-jigoku (Hell)
"Koufuku" restaurant in Unzen Fukudaya Inn
Nagasaki Kenban
Sweets served with tea on the train
"La Verveine" French restaurant
Hachiman-jigoku (hell)
Ryotei Hanzuiryo
Bird's-eye view of Unzen
"villa del nido" Italian restaurant
"Taisho-ji Temple Ruins
Kyushu Tour Journey(2D1N)
A trip to experience the elegant Seven Stars by viewing the ever-changing nature of Kyushu from the train window
Ushinohama Beach
In-car tea room
Wakimoto Beach (red spider lily)
Going up the Nippo Main Line
"Table de chic" French restaurant
Sunset at Ushinohama Beach
View of the sea from the Orange Railway