New Seven Stars Theme Song Born
NEWNew Seven Stars Theme Song Born

Five years have passed since the first run of the Seven Stars on October 15th 2013.

In celebration of this anniversary, composer Kenichi Mitsuda has created a new theme song to accompany the Seven Stars journeys.

We hope that the new theme song will act as a fond memory for guests from their journey on the Seven Stars.

Please see the press release for details.(Click to download press release pdf)

The new theme song can be purchased as part of a theme song collection from the Seven Stars official gallery site here.

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Applications to close today
NEWApplications to close today

Applications for March to September ’19 shall close at 23:59 (JST) today, the 15th of October 2018.

Application form:

Seven Stars Lounge Car Image (c) Jurriaan Teulings

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Applications open for bookings in Mar to Sep 2019

Applications for March to September 2019 bookings are to open from today.

Application period: October 1st (10am) to 15th (23:59) 2019 (Japan Standard Time).

Application page:

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