Notice of suspension of services

Due to the current state of emergency announced by the government and a surge in infections of COVID-19, it is likely to take time before we are able to provide journeys at the standards which we strive for, such as the warm hospitality from the local communities. In light of this, Kyushu Railway Company has made the decision to cancel all seven runs of the Seven Stars in Kyushu scheduled between Jan 16 and Feb 6.

Suspended services: 7 runs.

1) 2 Days 1 Night tours: Jan 16, 23, 30, Feb 6 departures.
2) 4 Days 3 Nights tours: Jan 19, 26, Feb 2 departures.

Scheduled resumption of services

1) 2 Days 1 Night tours: Feb 13 departure
2) 4 Days 3 Nights tours: Feb 9 departure

We sincerely hope that the guests who were scheduled to board the train, and the locals who have been supporting the Seven Stars can understand the reasons behind our decision.

Please note that there may be further changes to scheduled services of the Seven Stars depending on the situation at the time. Updates will continue to be posted on this site.

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