Notice of extension of suspension of services

March 13 2020
Kyushu Railway Company

Kyushu Railway Company made the decision to cancel all runs of the Seven Stars in Kyushu for March 2020 (March 3rd-31st), including 9 scheduled runs of the train. Today, 4 additional scheduled runs are to be suspended for April 2020 as below.

Suspended services for April: 4 runs in total.

1) April 2-5 departure (7th Anniversary Premium Kyushu Tour)*including the 2D1N Journey for April 4-5 (Sat-Sun).
2) April 7-10 departure (Tue-Fri 4D3N Journey).
3) April 11-12 departure (Sat-Sun 2D1N Journey).
4) April 14-17 departure (Tue-Fri 4D3N Journey).

On March 10, the government has announced through the “Novel Coronavirus Response Headquarters” for organizers to continue to postpone or cancel planned events nationwide, for “an additional 10 days until the expert meeting provides its assessment”. The decision to extend the suspension of services of the Seven Stars was based on these instructions.

Kyushu Railway Company has made the decision that it will take time until we are able to provide a Seven Stars in Kyushu journey at the standards which we strive for, such as the warm hospitality from the local communities. We sincerely hope that the guests who were scheduled to board the train, and the locals who have been supporting the Seven Stars can understand the reasons behind our decision.

Please note that there may be further changes to scheduled services of the Seven Stars from April 18th and beyond depending on the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) within Japan, and the policies implemented by the Japanese government. Updates will continue to be posted on this web-page.

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