Applications to open for autumn-winter journeys

The Cruise Train “Seven Stars in Kyushu” is celebrating 7 years since it made its first run on the 15th of October 2013. The train was created collaborating traditions of Kyushu, and the craftwork of local artisans.

In celebration of the 7th anniversary, we have prepared several special anniversary journeys, including a collaboration tour with florist Nicolai Bergmann, and also a special charter of the JRKYUSHU SWEET TRAIN “Aru Ressha”. The regular journeys of the Seven Stars can also be applied for during the application period, which is April 1st to 22nd 2020.

Outline of 2020 autumn-winter journeys

(1) Application period: April 1st to 22nd 2020
(2) Runs to be sold: Total of 18 runs (autumn-winter 4D3N x 4, 2D1N x 8, 7th Anniversary plans x 4, Special Pre-Journey Dinner x 2)
(3) Route of journeys
(a) 4 days 3 nights journey (Tuesday departure)
・On this route, guests travel to 5 of Kyushu’s prefectures (Fukuoka, Oita, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, and Kagoshima). On day 2, guests spend the night at a hot spring inn (ryokan) in Yufuin (one of Yufuin   Tamanoyu, Kamenoi Besso, Sansou Murata).
(b) 2 days 1 night journey (Saturday departure)
・On this route, guests travel to 4 of Kyushu’s prefectures (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, and Oita). One of the highlights is the visit to Arita town, to a Arita-ware kiln (workshop).

7th Anniversary Premium Kyushu Tours
(I) October 1st 2020 (Thu), November 26th 2020 (Thu) departures: 4D3N tour to feel the nature of Aso with “Aru Ressha”
Highlights include outdoor dining lunch at Aso Station restaurant “Kasei”, and a limited charter of the JRKYUSHU SWEET TRAIN “Aru Ressha” between Bungo-Mori and Hakata stations, followed by a 2D1N journey on the Seven Stars.

(II) December 22nd 2020 (Tue) departure: 4D3N tour to celebrate Christmas on the Seven Stars.
Enjoy a special celebratory Christmas eve dinner by chefs Sakai and Miyamoto, both from Kagoshima.

(III) January 23rd 2021 (Sat) departure: 2D1N tour full of flowers from Nicolai Bergmann.
Highlights include Seven Stars flower arrangement by flower artist Nicolai Bergmann.

(IV) Special Pre-Journey Dinner + 2D1N Seven Stars Journey
Departures: October 23rd 2020 (Fri), and March 5th 2021 (Fri)

  • On the day before the 2D1N Seven Stars Journey, guests can celebrate the start of the tour with a special pre-journey dinner together. The restaurant “Georges Marceau” is booked exclusively for this dinner event, and will include a collaboration with Yorozu (Japanese tea).

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