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Cruise Train Tour Desk Information on sixth round of departures

Applications have closed for the seventh round of departures on the Cruise Train, Seven Stars in Kyushu. The seventh round was departures between October 2015 and February 2016. These all start and finish at Hakata station, Fukuoka. Applications closed on the 31st of May 2015.
Applications for March 2016 and beyond are scheduled to open from October 2015.

Departure dates:

4 Days 3 Nights Journey (Tuesday departure)

2015 : October 13th, 27th.  November 24th.  December 22nd.
2016 : January 12th, 26th.  February 9th, 16th.

2 Days 1 Night Journey (Saturday departure)

2015 : October 3rd, 17th.  November 7th, 28th.  December 26th.
2016 : January 30th.  February 27th.

In the event that applications exceed available places, a lottery will be conducted to select participants. The results of this lottery will be sent to all applicants around late June 2015 to early July 2015.

・Please be aware that for the 4 Days 3 Night Journey, passengers will spend the first and third nights on the train, and the second night at a Japanese ryokan (inn).

Fares – Yen per person

■ 4 Days 3 Nights Journey fares

Train room 2nd night accommodation Fares (yen per person)
Ryokan Name Room type 3 people 2 people 1 person
Regular Suite
(12 rooms)
Run of house
(7 rooms)
- ¥480,000 ¥750,000
Deluxe Suite B
(1 room)
Tenku no Mori Akane Sasu Oka
Rin'u no Mori
(1 room)
¥600,000 ¥650,000 ¥1,100,000
Deluxe Suite A
(1 room)
(1 room)
¥650,000 ¥750,000 ¥1,300,000

■ 2 Days 1 Night Journey fares

Train room Fares (yen per person)
3 people 2 people 1 person
Regular Suite (12 rooms) - ¥210,000 ¥360,000
Deluxe Suite B (1 room) ¥250,000 ¥270,000 ¥475,000
Deluxe Suite A (1 room) ¥280,000 ¥310,000 ¥555,000

*The Regular Suite room selections highlighted in red above are rooms that are reserved for non-Japan based applicants. Two of the 12 Suite rooms on both the 4 Days 3 Nights and 2 Days 1 Night Journey are applicable for this special offer on every departure date. Please be aware that applicants wanting to stay in the Deluxe Suites will have their applications placed together with the main Japan-based application pool.

- One of the Suite rooms on the train is wheelchair accessible.
- Please be aware that on some departure days not all rooms will be available for
  reservation due to special events etc.

Start and finish station

Hakata station (Fukuoka)


4 Days 3 Nights Journey – breakfasts: three, lunches: four, dinners: three.
2 Days 1 Night Journey – breakfast: one, lunches: two, dinner: one.

Maximum number of passengers

30 passengers (two per Suite x 12, three per Deluxe Suite x 2).

Minimum number of passengers

16 passengers.

Included in the fare : The fare includes all rail, bus and other transportation costs/fares incurred during the specified itinerary (as on the Journeys page), as well as onboard service costs, tour bus costs, all meal costs, alcoholic beverages (some exceptions), sight seeing costs and accommodation costs.

Not included in the fare : Transportation costs from the traveler's residence to the departure/arrival site, telephone charges, additional meal/beverage charges, injury and/or illness related expenses, excess baggage charges (over the stipulated limitation), and other miscellaneous expenses of a personal nature.

Planning and implementation

JR Kyushu Cruise Train Tour Desk


All participants must be over 12 years of age to participate.
For more information on the conditions, please see the pdf file containing our travel conditions.

Frequently asked questions


What time does Internet applications open on the 1st of April 2015?
One can apply from 10am on the 1st of April 2015.
How many people can apply in the same application?
Once can apply for two rooms (two couples) in one application. However, if one does make an application for two couples, the room type will be restricted to Suite rooms, and all passenger names will be required at time of application.
Is it possible to have a preference for which room we will use on the train?
One can choose between a Regular Suite room, and a Deluxe Suite room (A or B), but you cannot choose which Suite room you want to stay in. Also, for the second night of the 4 Day 3 Night journey, you are not able to make a room preference except for the room types available (as in the fare table).
Is it possible to participate alone? If so, what is the fare?
Yes, it is possible to participate alone. Please see the fare table for the fares.
When participating alone, is it possible to have a preference to share a room?
No, it is not possible to share rooms with other passengers. If one passenger is going to use one room, then the appropriate fare is required.
Is it possible to apply, and communicate via E-mail?
For applicants that are not based in Japan, application must be made via the application form on our website. The application period is from the 1st of April to the 31st of May 2015. As much as possible, all communication will be conducted via E-mail (cruisetrain@jrkyushu.co.jp).
Is it possible to participate with three people together? What is the fare?
Yes, it is possible for three people to participate when staying in the Deluxe Suites A or B. However, this will involve the use of a twin bed plus a simple bed (or sofa bed). Unfortunately it is not possible for three passengers to stay in the regular Suite rooms. Please see the fare table for the fares.
Is it just the 15 dates announced that are able to be booked?
For the period between October 2015 to February 2016, JR Kyushu will plan and implement the following journeys: 4 Days 3 Nights = 8, 2 Days 1 Night = 7, making a total of 15.
- Please note that other dates are being sold to major travel companies. The details of these dates are to be advised.
Is it possible to change the participant numbers after application?
It is possible to change the accompanying passengers after application for a fee of 10,000 yen. If one wishes to change all the passengers of one room, then that will be treated as a cancellation. Also, it is not possible to change passengers once the train has started its journey.
Do you cater to allergies and dietary restrictions?
Yes, before the journey we ask all passengers to tell us about their allergies and dietary requirements. Based on this information every effort will be made to prepare meals to fulfill these requirements.
Please contact us at least two months in advance so that we can make efforts to fulfill these requests or requirements.